Multi-Channel Listing Software

What is this multi-channel listing you may ask? Well, this simply refers to that process whereby you list different services as well as products on different digital properties. In previous years this process used to be been done only through doing promotions of these services and products in brick and mortar stores and also in catalogs. Online store owners can these days list their products on multiple channels through the use of an e-commerce platform provider. The basic idea of multi-channel listing software is to sell through many channels whereby these channels could refer to either a sales channel or a marketing channel.

A sales channel is, therefore, a platform of technology whereby a customer can search for or purchase products within an application or given website.

A marketing channel though is different in that it promotes products available for purchase elsewhere. Therefore it is not necessary for multichannel software that links with them to download orders. It is also not necessary for them to handle customer support

People who own online stores can really benefit from listing their products on multiple channels because it will allow them to reach a new and wider audience and this is a sure way for them to increase their sales.

There are many benefits of multi-channel listing


  • It allows for e-commerce companies to get through to more customers and interact with them more frequently.
  • It also allows buyers to engage with the company also and when they are able to do so chances of them buying more products becomes more than that of the shoppers using single channels.

With multi-channel listing software one can do the following:

  • Upload your images in bulk.
  • Customize the descriptions and shipping information for each of your products.
  • Easily make certain changes to some attributes of the products such as the titles, prices, shipping information and descriptions.
  • Analyze and report on the profits made, sales made and much more.
  • Search with upgraded filters to find out which other products are not yet listed.
  • It makes management of your listings easier through management tools existent which include:

a) Inventory & Channel Management. You can manage your inventory in such a way that you prevent overselling, avoid wasting time and quickly grow your business;
b) Other tools of management include: restocking, web store connectors, sector solutions and feed management.

These tools vary in functionality. One could be more powerful in carrying out a specific task than the next or could be weaker than the next tool.

Examples of multi-channel listing software include: Rakuten, eBay, Magento, Bigcommerce, Woo-commerce, Sears, Shopify, Amazon among others.

A great multi-channel listing software should basically be able to take your currently listed products and copy them to the channels of your choice. Each listing should be unique to its targeted customers. The software should at least meet close to or more than eighty percent of your needs as a business owner. It is therefore very important to do your homework in terms of research on what multi-channel listing software is perfect to ensure your business grows faster.